Goddess Festival strong update ︱ can't think of E, Meili has you!


International women’s day is a very important day for marketing.
The City On has also prepared a wealth of promotional activities and interactive activities.
Let’s take a quick look.

First, let’s learn about discount on skin care products and make-up.
Discounts for SEPHORA, WANG FU JING, and Perfect Diary as follows:

Secondly, lets learn about the discount of jewelry.
Discounts for CHOU SANG SANG, PONDOR and WANG FU JING as follows:

During the period of change season 
The brands such as VICORS’ SECRET, H&M, ERBAN REVIVO also has great discounts.

In addition, The City on will celebrate its fourth birthday.
The most popular emoji will be showed here.
Let’s look forward to it.