High sweet warning! If your boyfriend asks you to come to Heidi Harbor on May 20, he may propose!

CityOn 2021-05-19

520 valentine's day,

all sorts of activitiesof CityOn are romantic and diverse

let`s take a quick look

Therewill be a maximum free of charge 100 yuan activity on that day

You can get a 100 yuan voucher for freewhen you use Alipay

From now until June 30, parking is freeevery Monday to Thursday

Every Wednesday, many restaurants offerdiscounts for customers

China Merchants Bank, Bank ofCommunications and many other banks also have preferential activities

We also give you a very detailed jewelrygift buying advice

Chemical products and skin care products,clothing, catering and so on during the event are offered discounts

Themost surprising thing is that there will be a theme of emoji marriage proposalon 520

Fast & Furious 9also has special deals for couples