Dragon Boat Festival exclusive! Imp with the same style, Carbin art tide play, and 1000 yuan shopping card for free!

CityOn 2021-06-10

Dragon Boat Festival is coming, 
CityOn has prepared a very rich activities for you, 
together to learn about it  

First of all, Carbin Art Tide Exhibition landed in CityOn,
Not only fun, but also a lot of little surprises

CityOn has also prepared a lot of promotional activities, 
such as clothing retail, food and beverage, 
skin care products and beauty makeup, 
and some banks have also launched discount payment activities 

The 72nd Anniversary of Zhengzhou Evening News    

There are also many discounts on jewelry, watches and jewelry

Activities of makeup and skincare are also recommended 

Some of the recommended clothing activities 

During the Dragon Boat Festival, food and beverage launched a lot of discount activities

During the Dragon Boat Festival, online taxi also has preferential subsidies