The city welcomes the Olympic | Rubik's Cube Competition this week to move the city, the midsummer fun market grab fresh open!

CityOn 2021-07-16

With the arrival of the Olympic Games, 

CityOn has prepared a lot of interesting and rich summer activities,

 as well asinteresting and creative fashion items. 

Let’s have a look!

HipHop, new age rap, street talk, 

Rubik's Cube Challenge and other fun activities.

Creativeaccessories, exquisite jewelry, 

together this summer to become a fashionmaster.

Delicate skin care products,

 lovely colorcosmetics products, 

here will hold a beauty convention.

Beautifulclothes, fashion matching, 

here is better to buy a new dress it.

Pizzaor chopped fish head? 

Chinese food or Western food is available in City On.