CityOn Little Talent on Duty, Sign Up Continuing!


Summer vocation is coming. CityOn. Zhengzhou Shopping Center opens applications for children to sign up “Miffy’s Magic World Exhibition”! Registration is hot!

How will little talent take over the “Miffy’s Magic World Exhibition”? What is the exact responsibilities of children during the “Miffy’s Magic WorldExhibition”?

Exhibition Waiter

Littl talents as exhibition waiters and waitress will work in Miffy store checking and distributing Miffy card and helping gifts redemption.

Miffy Manager

As a Miffy manager, you may help children complete their painting in Miffy’s interactive experience area. You may also pack tables and chairs as well as clean the table and ground. What’s more, you may guide the children into the maze. In Miffy’s puzzle paradise, you may verify the card, and send the colorful Miffy’s picture.

Shopping Guide

As a shopping guide, you may work in Miffy’s camera area on each floor. You need to familiar with Miffy’s basic situation and price of the product.


As a Security Guard, you will go on patroling in CityOn to take care of Miffy’sitems. You will also be responsible to guard the safety of customers here with careful observation of any suspicious person.


Little talent’s inauguration training has started!

Go to CityOn and give more courage to your children!