Why CityOn Little Talent Recruitment Summer Camp So Welcomed ?


By clicking here, you could find the wonderful performance of the little talents who joined the little talent camp, the hottest summer camp held by CityOn. Zhengzhou.
The valuable experience with CityOn and Miffy exhibition is worth to be cherished forever. Let’s walk it through and discover more.


Moment 1 - Miffy managers are selling the miffy souvenirs to consumers by their warm and sincere introduction.


Moment 2 – Miffy managers are taking care of the exhibits and getting all the visitors to take a good look at Miffy’s wonderland.
Experience 3

Moment 3- Intelligent safeguards dressed in uniforms are on the training and they will be ready to patrol through the mall.

Experience 4

Moment 4 – Miffy manager is chopping the certificate for visitors. It’s a real hard job since there are hundreds of visitors to Miffy exhibition.

These little talents managed to solve different kinds of problems with patience and their smartness. Wish this special experience an eternal momory for these kids and be helpful in their growing-up.