Explore Happiness in Experience Centers CityOn


Have you ever noticed that so many experience centers are hiding in CityOn?

No.1 OCE

OCE shop extends Nordic housing & living concept to clothing and other fields, featuring simple design, comfortable wearing experience, and soft texture.

This shop is large in area and provides complete variety of goods.
Home products, collections of women, men, kids, and coffee in OCE highlight the quality and value for money.
Add: F1, CityOn, Zhengzhou

No. 2 ZaraHome

The very first ZaraHome in Zhengzhou is now welcoming you with her bright color and enchanting flavor.

From today, let ZaraHome occupy you kitchen, living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms with her eye-catching living products and exquisite decorations.
Take ZaraHome home, your life gonna be surprised.
Add: F1, CityOn, Zhengzhou

Not that kind of usual VERO MODA any more.
In addition to be embraced by women’s collection, the center zone is additionally decorated with art products.
VERO MODA now takes on a fresh outlook.

If you are still looking for that aromatherapy best suits you. Come to VERO MODA in CityOn, maybe it is waiting for you in VERO MODA.

Add: F2, CityOn, Zhengzhou

“Proper Chic”, proposed by WESTLINK, is a concept representing the freedom, the cultural and living attitude and fun.

You know how to refuse boredom and live a funny life?

This Proper Chic WESTLINK is best qualified to speak on this question.

Add: F2, CityOn, Zhengzhou

An affordable and practical brand covering baby dolls, towels, carpets, folders, cups, coat hangers and etc.

Besides, bedside lamp with linen lampshade, photo frames of wood, and tea sets are available for you here.

Add: F2, CityOn, Zhengzhou

No. 6 Conlia
Conlia dedicates all attention to pursuing a natural and slow life, providing customers with comfortable living products.

Shopping in Conlia just feels at home.

Add: F3, CityOn, Zhengzhou

Mendale sells bedding with beautiful floral designs and top quality.

Imported living products are also available in Mendale where you can enjoy the best living articles without going abroad.

Add: B1, CityOn, Zhengzhou

No.8 Zhujia Rabbit

Zhujia Rabbit Collects a variety of products, like Qian Tang Xuan porcelain cups, vacuum cups, healthy tea sets and EKO environmental bucket.

Add: B1, CityOn, Zhengzhou

One step left to experience different life styles, enchanting, happiness, or gorgeous.
Come to CityOn!