Instructions on the fastest payment in CityOn’s parking lot


Are you tired of the complicated payment procedures? CityOn now opens a channel to provide customers with a most simple system to pay.
Here are some specific instructions.
First of all, subscribe the official Wechat account and enjoy the “instant payment” function.
1. Follow CityOn’s Wechat account
Click the “CityOn Member”on the bottom menu bar to become CityOn’s registered member.

(Notes: only registered member could enjoy “2-hour parking for free” service)

2. Link car plate number to Wechat account
“City Intelligence”- “Link car plate number”
Once the linkage succeeds, you will receive a message to remind of the entry time every time when you drive in CityOn’s parking lot.

(Customers also could sync the entry time on Wechat even after you already parked the car.)

3. Parking & Payment
Click“City Intelligence”- “Parking & Payment”
Input your planned driving-out time and finish the payment step.

4. Please check the parking fares
CityOn’s registered member could enjoy
1. Free of charge for the first two parking hours
2. Charge 4 Yuan for the third hour
3. Charge 1 Yuan for every hour exceeding three hours

( The system would automatically reduce the parking fare of the first two hours for registered members.)

5. Wechat payment
Correct payment page is showed as listed

【Zhengzhou Fenghua Commercial Management Co. Ltd.】

6. Driving-out countdown
Once the payment is successful, 30 minutes are left for customers to look for the car and line up to drive out.

If you have any payment problems, please do not hesitate to use “Online Customer Service”.

7. Quick driving-out
Parking fare displays on the screen, while stop rod lifts automatically.

It only takes five seconds to drive out the parking lot.

Try this new payment system and offer CityOn with your feedback or suggestions.