Wooderful Life—A beautiful dream Comes True at CityOn. Zhengzhou.


There is a special melody hidden in the deep of everyone's memory.
This melody gives you courage when you are in the darkness.

This melody accompanies you when you achieve something.
It is a small music box, but there is a big mysterious world in this melody, attracting you to explore.

A popular artistic brand from Taiwan, Wooderful Life, makes her first debut at CityOn. Zhengzhou on April 14.

Wooderful Life is a magic shop, driving all of your worries away, and brings a fairy world back to you.

Wooderful Life tries to blend beauties into life, exhibiting the power of nature.
Here is a harmonious song jointly played by man and the nature.

Wooderful Life could satisfy different requests.
Wooderful Life uses ripe woods from Europe, USA, and Canada, and all of which are planted legally.
And all the wood used is timber presents the power and temperature of the nature in every detail.

Moreover, Wooderful Life customizes personal music for every customer
Such as the series of Hello Kitty and Snoopy.
Also customers could experience the making of music box at Wooderful Life, making yourself an exclusive music bell, lamp or something.
Wooderful Life is waiting for you at CityOn on April 14.

Come and feel the power of the nature.