Chef Feng’s Class| Loving presents for Mother’s Day from CityOn X MERIDIEN


Every second Sunday in May is a celebration honoring the mother of the family.
The woman, who devotes herself into this family and gives all of her love and caring to her children, is mother.
It is time to give her a break and let her enjoy the love hidden deep inside.
This year, CityOn. Zhengzhou teams up with MERIDIEN and invites the chef, Feng Xiaoguang to give customers a lesson about how to make delicious food.
Time: May 13, 2018
Add.: Charles&Keith Hall, F1, CityOn

Feng Xiaoguang, head chef of MERIDIEN. Zhengzhou
Winner of Dessert Category, 2013 Henan Cooking Competition
Chef Feng has a gental disposition, just like his dessert, making his customers feel warm with the best tastes.

Hand-made Zongzi

Mother seems to be almighty, they could make every dish children want to eat.
Still remember the first Zongzi my mum made for me, sweet and soft.
Today, I want to wrap a Zongzi, full of my love and blessing, for her.
Time: 06:00pm-07:00pm, May 12-May 13
CityOn will invite 16 members to experience this activity.
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Hand-made Dessert

Chef Feng will come in person to CityOn. Zhengzhou and give customers a dessert class.
At this class, you will learn how to make a sea salt cheese cake.
Send this cake to your mum and say “I Love U, mum.”
Time: 05:00pm-06:00pm, May 11