Have you Bring “Fu”(good Luck and happiness) Home?


How to spend the Chinese New Year in a modern and fashion way? CityOn has prepared many interesting activities and fashion New Year benefits for Zhengzhou residents!

How to spend theChinese New Year in a modern and fashion way?

 CityOn hasprepared many interesting activities and

fashion New Year benefits forZhengzhou residents!


Painting Good Luck on Traditional and Fashion New YearPictures

 Traditional woodengraving picture used to be importan

 folk art for old Zhengzhou people.

 CityOn hasinvited many famous folk artists from Zhuxian

 town to design traditional andfashion wood engraving pictures 

for the Chinese New Year.

 January 6th-January20th, 9:00a.m.-19:00p.m., 

you can take all those modern wood-cuttingpictures for free or 

DIY a wood engraving New Year pictures and

 take it home inthe following communities: 

Besides, you can also take CityOn Festival package for free,

 whichincludes spring festival couplets, the Chinese character "fu" and redenvelope.

Time and Venue:

Open Online Red Envelop with Money and Good Luck

 Play onlinegames, registering as CityOn member, 

finding and opening a modern festival redenvelop. 

You may get money or New Year lucky cards in it.

You can scan the following QR code and play the game: