Children’s Day| The best present from a2PLATINUM


Hu Ke, a renowned star mother well liked by lots of children, is invited by CityOn.

 Zhengzhou and a2PLATINUM to complete her third mission after her tour in

 Chengduand Wuhan.

Time: 11:00am-12:00am, June 3

Add.: Middle Hall, F1, CityOn. Zhengzhou

A fantastic journey-Spot the differences

Work with Mrs. Hu Ke to spot the differences in two pictures.

Children got their thinking and watching abilities trained, and parents got lucky presents.

A fantastic journey-Homemade milk products

CityOn prepares dessert formula for mothers to learn.

Milk products, made by a2PLATINUM, is totally pure and natural without A1 protein.

For customers who are not available to be present on that day, you can watch the live show on official account.

A fantastic journey-Happy pasture

Also rounds of interactions are well arranged during June 1-June 3.

Kids are warmly welcomed to take part in Happy Jumps, Filming in the Pasture, and Catch a Cow.

This Childrens Day, let CityOn. Zhengzhou show you something different.