New Definition of Youth|CityOn opens up a post-graduation journey.


Graduation season is approaching that university students are looking for where to give a perfect ending to the university life.
How about check recommendations out from CityOn?
According to your personal preference, you will always find what you fancy at CityOn. Zhengzhou.

1.For fashion-pursuing customers
Influenced by international culture, such group standing in the front line of fashion.
Pick the restaurant where offers food in good shapes.
Students take cool pictures and share on the Moments to attract the most eyeballs.
CityOn recommends
Sajiao Chilli
Sajiao Chilli focuses on both flavor and indoor decoration.
Red and black are the main colors inside that full of mysteries.
Sajiao Chilli is capable of catering for 15 people, which is the best choice for students to hold a party.
Add.: L4003
Tel: 0371-66686520

2.For detail-pursuing customers
Unlike customers who pursue good-looking cuisines, such group pay much attention to the details of dishes.
CityOn recommends Private Kitchen

Private Kitchen has a good environment and is capable of catering for 10 people in one box.
Of course, the taste is highly spoken by lots of customers.
Add.: L4008
Tel: 0371-55338088

3.For foodies
Although foodies are committed to looking for cuisines delicious and new, the old restaurants are also their favorite.
CityOn recommends Panggelia where crabs, fish, shrimps and chicken are well cooked.
Add.: L4001A
Tel: 0371-58572999