Magic Night| A feast of hearing and seeing welcomes you at CityOn


After the romantic wild Global Night, Russian Night and Latin Night continued to impress customers in unique ways. Elegant art and exotic flavor kindled the greatest interests of whom came to CityOn.
Now, here is the last chance to join 2018 World Cup Journey, Magic Night.
Time: July 14-July 15

Climb to the peak of magic world, and enjoy a brilliant magic performance at CityOn.

Part 1
Pay respect to Jabbawockeez
Jabbawockeez is known for wearing plain white masks and gloves performing synchronized dance moves.
The perfect combination of street culture and art upsides traditional opinions on dances down.
On the Magic Night, customers will enjoy a feast of hearing and seeing.
Do not ever miss it again.

Part 2
Magic performance

Mysterious techniques, unpredictable tricks and stunning effects.
Do not blink, or you would miss the birth of miracles.

Part 3
Band helps to reach to the climax
Music, beer, cuisines, cheering and competition. 
You are not alone watching final of 2018 World Cup.
Enter Carnival mode and enjoy the last round of cheering in this summer.

Part 4
Midnight Beer Festival

Prize-giving quiz
When did CityOn open?
What are beer brewed for?
As long as you give correct answers to these easy questions, presents will be yours.

Bend backward and pass through the rod
Free gifts will be given to the softest participant.