Exclusive Five-star Service at CityOn


The last public holiday of 2018 ended up with maximum joy and an expectation to the next gathering with friends.
Without waiting for the next holiday, CityOn's service will make you feel like every day is a holiday
Let's take a look at CityOn's five-star service
Upgrade your shopping experience by customizing intimate services for you.

Service Station 1: Giraffe Selfie Equipment

Giraffe selfie equipment has 43-inch screen with ultra HD camera, and it adds filters and accessories automatically via face recognition technology.
The picture you could directly post on your social platform.
Let’s say goodbye to all beautify APP!
And users could save and print pictures to keep your beauty forever.

Service Station 2: Shared Panda Stroller

Panda Stroller cooperation with CityOn designs a three-wheel walker.
Mothers are no longer bother with children’s crying for taking in the arm.
The sweet time with baby are fully enjoyed while shopping your favorite new collection.
Scan the QR code and try a panda stroller!

Service Station 3: HIVE Box

HIVE Box now was introduced into CityOn.
No matter you want to pick up or post the express, HIVE box will show you the most convenience.
SF, ZT, YD and ST are now available to be applied.

Big News: SF express station will be set inside CityOn

To build a free-hand shopping experience, SF express will provide express service since November at CityOn.
Customers could post all the shopping home.
Free your hands now!
In addition to brand service stations, CityOn's 360 degree five-star service will satisfy your modern life.