Free Mid-Autumn Feast Rocks!


Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most important days for Chinese, is coming.
CityOn attracts customers from all over from Zhengzhou with cool&play tricks on this traditional holiday.
This year, CityOn prepares 7 tips and free family reunion meal, with a simple wish to make you happy at CityOn.

Tip 1: Interaction room full of moonlight
Date: September 14-September 24
Colorful moonlight shadows over CityOn to adds fashionable factors to our traditional Mid-Autumn Day
CityOn. Zhengzhou turns into a dreamlike paradise where to take pictures.
Moonlight, fantacy and delicious moon cake packages are waiting for your enjoy.

Tip 2: Free Mid-Autumn feast
In order to celebrate the Chinese families’ reunion in one year, CityOn is gonna send free Mid-Autumn feast of 238 yuan as a gift for you.

Tip 3: 50% discount at Delicious Party
Pay the bill on Mai Dan Ba (APP) in Friday and during September 22 to September 24, customer may have 50% discount at 32 restaurants at CityOn.

Tip 4: Free presents for CityOn members
During September 22 to September 24, members buy over 1000 yuan will win a Starbucks free coupon; 2 movie tickets over 2000 yuan; a Mi bluetooth speaker over 3000 yuan.

Tip 5: Free express (for members only)
CityOn member could mail products once for free after shopping over 500 yuan.

Tip 6: Moon cake DIY class (for members only)
Member will be invited to the hand-made moon cake class purchasing over 388 yuan at CityOn during September 22 to September 24.

Tip 7: Redeem presents with shopping points
Various presents are available waiting for members’ exchanges during September 21 to October 31.

Let us have a most fashionable Mid-Autumn Day and coolest reunion night at CityOn.