CityOn Little Talent Recruitment Summer Camp Sign Up! Call Children Enter into “Miffy’s Magic World”!


Miffy’s Magic World Special Theme ExhibitionOfficial authorization of the Holland
China’s first exhibition officially authorized by Holland government
Time: June 1st-August 31st

Now, CityOn.Zhengzhou Shopping Center opens applications for children aged 6 to 12 in Zhengzhou to sign up “Miffy’s Magic World”!
In “Miffy’s Magic World”, children could choose one of 4 interesting positions, such as“Miffy Manager” ,“Security Guard” , “Shopping Guider”, “Exhibition Waiter”.

Do you want to act as a “Little Operating Officer”? Do you want to unlock Miffy tasks and get medal or Miffy doll in this summer vacation?
Joining this activity could also get CityOn’s city coin, named “CityOn Coin” and exchange equal-value gifts..


Time:June 14th-August 27th
Induction training:Every Friday (10:30—11:30 or 14:00—15:00) is training time for “little talent recruitment”. In the training class, professional knowledge and accomplishment will be taught and practical training will be experienced.
Period of work:Every Saturday or Sunday(13:30—16:30)is work day,according to position children could experience different work in “Miffy’s Magic World”. 

Various different positions have been set;
“CityOn Coins” and certificate will be offered, which could be used in the Miffy store;
10 children will be choose to get medal and Miffy doll in every camps; every children need to try their best to get the gift.

Hope to find a suitable position for your children?
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