Witnessed by CityOn, love you for eternity


CityOn has prepared the romantic activities for you and your belovedduring Chinese Valentine’s Day
As of today, text your love with less than ten words and
send them to the official Wechat account of CityOn.Zhengzhou Shopping Center.

CityOn will help you to surprise your beloved.
: The LED screen at the square outside CityOn, 28 August
Scent of TA·Love’s Scent Lab
Design a perfume,
define the flavor of your love on Chinese Valentine’s Day,
and make this date stay fresh and memorable.
: The Corridor, F1, CityOn, 26 August-28 August
Love Token·Handmade Aromatherapy Wax
Make an aromatherapy wax with good-looking exterior which
claims your love token to be unique.
: The Corridor, F1, CityOn, 26 August-28 August
Radio Above the City·Love Songs at Party
Tell CityOn your love story, which will be
shared by the host from Private Car 99.9 Radio
and with an exclusive love song could be received.
: F 21 Hall, F1, CityOn
You leave messages, and CityOn prepares
bouquets Of 99 roses, rose, lollies, or chocolates,
for you whom TA is willing to hold hands and spend the entire life with.
: Corridor, F1 and Northwest Main Entrance, , CityOn. 28 August

This very Chinese Valentine’s Day makes CityOn like a witness to love.