New Shopping Style in 2017, New Life Style in CityOn

CityOn 2016-12-28

It’s time to change your shopping style and begin a modern life in CityOn.

In 2016, have you lost shopping passion after going to the same malls over and over again in Zhengzhou?

In 2017, do you want to refresh your shopping experience and energize your life in Zhengzhou?

Its time to change your shopping style and begin a modern life in CityOn.


For White Collars: 

Who says an office worker have to work in office day and night?

Who says a modern white collar cant have a modern life?

Then come to CityOn in 2017! Rebuild the balance between life and work, being a modern workaholic, a modern life-artist and a modern life-master.

Modern Workaholic

In CityOn, shopping becomes new energy of overtime working, where you can taste the most fashion stores and try the most beautiful cloth!

Modern Life-artist

In CityOn, shop stands connect every part of world, where you can find new interest of life with curious eyes as a life-artist.

Modern Life-master

In CityOn, shopping means keeping health and enjoying life, where you can eat healthily and buy happily.

For Families:

Who says one cannot become a trendsetter while taking care of a family?

Who says family shopping always means tired purchasing?

Then come to CityOn in 2017! Refresh your family shopping experience, being a modernfamily-shopper, a modern family-player and a modern detail-controller.

Modern Family-shopper

In CityOn, two-person fashion shopping becomes a family modern time, where one-stop services make your family shopping easier and happier.

Modern Family-player

In CityOn, single weekend becomes triple growing time, where mom and dadgrow with their child and interest of childhood!

Modern Detail-controller

In CityOn, 365 days become a perfect year, where people-centeredservice allows you to control every detail in your family shopping!


For Youth:

Do you want to share beauty with your best friends?

Do you want to discover new life withyour lover?

Then come to CityOn in 2017! Re-drawthe image of youth, being a modern best friend’s beauty-sharer, a modern life-finder and a modernfuture-viewer.


Modern Best Friend’s Beauty-sharer

In CityOn, shopping lists are sharing and dressing tastes aredeveloping between best friends, where the most beautiful youth can be found!


Modern Life-finder


In CityOn, love memory is never forgotten but new life is waiting to beexperienced between lovers, where the freshest youth can be taste!


Modern Future-viewer

In CityOn,virtual space is experienced and future is explored, where thefurthest youthcan be viewed!

On March 16th, 2017,

CityOn. Zhengzhou Shopping Center will come!

Its time to embrace new shopping style 

and begin modern shopping life!