We are Recruiting Little Actors in CityOn


CityOn Mini theatres has received tremendous welcome as of its debut.

Performances by top-notched artists and little actors rocked CityOn.

It can be seen in CityOn that children are born to act.
CityOn’s mini theatre joined hands with Blue Sky Art Academy to recruit little actors.
If you want to experience the pleasure of performance and sharpen your acting skill
CityOn’s mini theatre is an ideal place for you.
As long as you are between 4-year-old and 16-year-old,
you may be the one we are looking for.

Please register on https://www.wjx.top/jq/16400284.aspx 

or sign up at Service Center, F1, CityOn.

The chosen little actors will receive professional performance training.
They can not only play in the mini theatre in CityOn, but also have opportunity to
 act in children’s drama series.

Advance Notice:

1. A Spanish Athlete’s Scientific Show will put on at 05:00am-06:00pm, Sept, 16. 

Let’s access to the science together with excellent performers.

2. The secrets behind wind-generated electricity will be 

revealed at CityOn, 10:00am-7:00pm, Sept,16.

Come and join us, you are the next Macaulay Culkin!