How to find the most delicious food in this cold winter?


With Zhengzhou greeted its first round of snow in 2017,
 Zhengzhou’s people are seeking for a place to take warm and
 bumpy dinner with friends in this cold season. 
CityOn provides a best choice for all of you with our full-range restaurants.

No.1 Shen Quan Men Guan

Savory and crisp spareribs with strong flavour in the soup melts on your tongue.
The nutritious coupling of red jujubes and Gouqi serves 
like warm sunshine on your dining table.
Add.: 4F, CityOn, Zhengzhou 

No.2 Guoguo Mutton Soup Restaurant

A local soup with strong Zhengzhou’s feature enjoy extensive popularity in China.
Several hot dishes with a bowl of mutton soup, 
Chinese call this“Mei Bao Bao”(Fantastic).
Add.: 4F, CityOn, Zhengzhou

No.3 Hong Mao Zhai

Hong Mao Zhai is renowned for the fresh and clean mutton, 
which is well selected and transported from the east of Shandong. 

No.4 Xiaoliu Soup Dumplings

As an old catering brand, Xiaoliu knows customers best.
Mutton and radish stew captures the taste of young and
 aged group and Xiaoliu turns to be an ideal place to eat in this winter.
Add.: 4F, CityOn 

No.5 Chunchuan Cheon

In this winter you could not miss the spicy 
stir-fried chicken in Chunchuan Cheon.
How do you feel when the soft potatoes and tasty 
mushrooms dance with chili in your mouth?
it should be a fresh and wonderful experience.
Add.: 4F, CityOn

No.6 Pang Gelia

The crab hotpot in Pang Gelia, praised by every customer, 
should also be one of our enthusiastic recommendations. 
Recently, Pang Gelia offered a new dish, 
soft-shelled turtle soup! Come and have a taste!
Add.: 4F, CityOn

Welcome to CityOn and kick off your food trip here this winter.