You Know How to Spend a Fashionable National Holiday in Zhengzhou? Come to CityOn, and enjoy holiday parties CityOn prepares for you.


Exotic bazaars, KOC competition and doodle walls are available for your exploration.
Please heartily enjoy the parties, and express your fashion aesthetics & life attitude with no need to worry about being interrupted.

Cuz CityOn extends the open hour to 10:30pm during Sept. 30-Oct. 7.

Exotic Bazaars-- “Hand-made Gifts”
It is no longer a dream for customers to hear the roll of drums and ukuleles from Africa, to feel the bustle of poetic markets from Barcelona, even if you are wandering around an indoor shopping mall.
In CityOn’s exotic bazaar, customers can not only enjoy the exhibition of beautiful collections, but also make an unique & creative work yourself.
Open hour: 10:00am-7:00pm, Oct. 1-Oct. 3
Add: In the central hall, outside Forever 21, F1 CityOn, Zhengzhou

Exotic Bazaar--Delicacy Parties

Come to CityOn and feel the company of delicacy and flowers.
Customers are allowed to experience free flower arrangement classes where macaroons with various flavors are open for taste.
Moreover, parents can teach their children to make chocolate, moon cakes, and Tiramisu.
Couples could make their beloved cup of pour-over coffee.
Time: 10:00am-7:00pm, Oct. 4-Oct. 6
Place: Central Hall, Outside Forever 21, F1 CityOn, Zhengzhou

King of the City

The long-anticipated KOC finally arrives in CityOn!
Do you expect to gang up with your friends in Glory of King and rival for the “Strongest King”?
Bring your equipment and take part in the KOC, and
let CityOn be a witness to the birth of champion and runner-up.
Battle Time: 10:00am-8:00pm, Oct. 7-Oct. 8
Battle Place: Central Hall, Outside Forever 21, F1 CityOn, Zhengzhou

DIY the Huge Painting Wall

CityOn customized a huge painting outlining the territory of China, and invited customers to piece together this huge painting.
No need to be good at drawing, just patriotism could work.
You can piece your hometown together on the wall and leave traces of your devotion to China in CityOn.
Painting Time: 10:00am-8:00pm Oct. 1
Painting Place: Central Hall, Outside Forever 21, F1 CityOn, Zhengzhou

Connections between Cities

Is your beloved around this Mid-autumn Festival?
If the answer is negative, how could you express your affection?
CityOn prepares a map with 34 circles on it.
We invite customers to link the two circles, where you and your beloved separately are staying, together to pray the connection between you two will never be cut off.
All the participants have equal opportunity to get vouchers for dinner in CityOn.
Connection Time: Oct. 4
Address: Central Hall, Outside Forever 21, F1 CityOn, Zhengzhou

CityOn is waiting for you even during this 8-day National Holiday.

 Come and join CityOn for a fashionable holiday in Zhengzhou.