New Year Party Review


When 2018 was going to approach us, CityOn held a hottest countdown party to create a memorable memory

for the end of 2017, as well as delivering customers new year wishes.

On the night of Dec. 31, 2017, thousands of fashionistas gathered in CityOn.

Shouting and cheering for the coming of 2018.

“Three! Two! One!”The countdown broke the silence of last night of 2017 in Zhengzhou.

Let’s feel the enthusiasm and ardour at New Year’s Party again.

Scene 1 Enthusiastic Crowds

It was a great thrilling to have so many customers spend New Year Eve together.

Scene 2 Creative Shopping Bazaar in CityOn

This bazaar gathered all the delicious food together.

And gave customers brand-new shopping experience.

Want to enjoy the delicious food overseas? Come to CityOn.

Scene 3 Carnival Party at the Midnight

Fashion+color, the excellent acrobatic performance brought down the house.

Every customer showed their expectation of the next year’s party.

Scene 4 One Prize Draw Every Hour

The star prize in the raffle attracted increasing participants even in late night.

Scene 5 “woofwoof” Team Showed up with Surprises

The year of dog must have the blessing from the mascots, cute dogs.

“woof woof” team came to CityOn and presented their best wishes to kids and their parents.

Scene 6 A Loving New Year Present from CityOn

Send kids to find star prize in the ocean of colorful balls. Let the first day of 2018 begin with a loving present.

Now this game is still ongoing, come and take yours

We are devoted into becoming the best shopping mall 

And providing customers with the best shopping experience in 2018.

Let’s look forward to together!