Countdown Party at CityOn


2018 is just around the corner. CityOn expects to celebrate the upcoming new year with you.

A big countdown party at CityOn is gonna to rock the New Year’s Eve at Zhengzhou!

We extends the business hour of the last day in 2017 to 00:30 am on January 1st , 2018 to present you brilliant carnival at CityOn.

Ready? Let us uncover the excitement here!

No.1 A Cool & Fun Feast

One thousand gift boxes, one thousand best wishes for the new year

Rotate Slyder Adventures and pass through the checkpoints of Ocean Ball Game where you could win your first new year gifts.

Time: December 30, 2017-January 1, 2018

Add.: Hall OCE, F1, CityOn

A corridor bazaar, a corridor of good things

Three days! Thirty-six hours!

Consumers have plenty of time to eat, to shop and celebrate in CityOn’s corridor.

A superb collection of food and good things presents you a busy shopping & eating world.

Time: December 30, 2017-January 1, 2017

Add.: North corridor, F1, CityOn

No.2 Extra Bonus for the Best Shopping Experience at CityOn

Free Parking for CityOn’s Members

CityOn’s parking lot, which was voted as the most convenient one in Zhengzhou , now offers big concessions to members.

Free Day Parking on December, 31, 2017

Add.: Parking lot, CityOn

Dogs’ Cruise

Aiming to give customers the best wishes for 2018, the year of dog.

CityOn invites cosers to dress as dogs and walk in a cruise.

Taking pictures and shooting videos are warmly welcomed.

Time: December 31, 2017-January, 1, 2018

No.3 Midnight Carnival

Later in the night, an ultimate party is gonna rock your New Year Eve!

At CityOn,many fashionistas will present magic bubble show, space walk and water pipe dance.

Besides, band performance, DJ and rap will support this night the peak of fashion at Zhengzhou!

Time: 8:00pm-0:30am, December 31

Add.: F21 Hall, F1 (in front of the Ice Palace)

Lucky draws at the midnight

Five prize draws will be arranged at 8:00 pm/9:00pm/ 10:00 pm/11:00pm/0:00am

CityOn prepares bluetooth speakers, self-balance two wheel vehicles, iPad Air, Casio watches, and iPhone X to surprise the first night your new year.

Time: 8:00 pm/9:00pm/ 10:00 pm/11:00pm/0:00am December 31

Add.: F21 Hall, F1 (in front of the Ice Palace)

No.4 Must-have Interactions in 2018

Display the new appearance of Xi’an and her young generation by Polaroid cameras

Free experience zones of Polaroid cameras welcome you at CityOn.

Let those pictures bring your beauty into the new year of 2018.

Time: December 31, 2017

Add.: F21 Hall, F1 (in front of the Ice Palace)

Big sales and over-valued lucky gifts

Various brands jointly offer big sales on New Year Eve.

It is perfect time to select your favorite of year 2017.

Time: December 31, 2017

Add.: please refer to the specific advertising board at CityOn

Double your membership points at this night!

Over-valued gifts are freely redeemed.

Time: December 31

Add.: Service counter, F1, CityOn